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Nav radios issue for Chuck Dome's FSX Turbine Duke V2


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I have been enjoying Chuck Dome's FSX Turbine Duke that was released recently. There is a problem with the Nav radios such that the Nav digits cannot be changed. (The other radios work fine.) The description says "It uses the default King Air 350 panel and VC..." My FSX King Air 350 panel and radios work perfectly. I have tried to figure out what the bug is to no avail. I have also removed and reinstalled this aircraft. Has anyone else had this problem or has a fix been uploaded?
Intel i5-4670K , O/Clocked @ 4.3 Ghz w/Corsair H60 Cooling, Asus Z-87A Mth Bd, EVGA Nvidia GTX-970, (1) Samsung+(2) Acer displays all at 1920x 1080p, 8GB G.Skill DDR3-1600 memory, 128 GB Samsung Evo 830 SSD, 120 GB Intel 530 SSD (for FSX) (1) 500GB-WD Caviar Black HD, Corsair HX750 Power Supply, Win7 Home Prem 64 bit.
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Open the aircraft.cfg and find the [Radios] section...


// Radio Type = availiable, standby frequency, has glide slope
Audio.1 = 1
Com.1 = 1, 0
Com.2 = 1, 0
Nav.1 = 1, [color="#FF0000"]0[/color], 1
Nav.2 = 1, [color="#FF0000"]0[/color], 0
Adf.1 = 1
Adf.2 = 0
Transponder.1 = 1
Marker.1 = 1


Make the 2 changes highlighted in red and you should be good to go.



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