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FS9.5 Never Looked so Good: Some Airliners


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Of course, what FS9 does best of all, is a large airport crammed with custom scenery addons, and a huge complement of AI planes... a few samples:









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Wing_Z, please forgive my ignorance but what is FS 9.5? Is that a new addon for FS2004?

it's all a bit Tongue in Cheek!

quote_icon.png Originally Posted by Wing_Z viewpost-right.png

There's been a resurgence of interest in FS2004, which in 2015, doesn't look very much like the "Out-of-Box" version of a decade ago.

Many, many tweaks and custom planes and sceneries make the sim something more these days; some call their sim "FS9.5"

There is of course nothing "Official" beyond FS9.1

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Hi Wing_Z! Enjoying your FS9.5 series of posts. I'm in the middle of constructing a new PC build online from the numerous vendors and was wondering what specs you are running as your shots never cease to amaze.


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