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Cessna trim wheel troubles ...

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Just wondering if anyone else has seen this before: the nose-up direction is fine, but about half of each wheel rotation in the nose-down direction just results in jittery movements without much change, so to undo 9 rotations nose-up, I have to spin ~20 times the other direction. I’m using this in MSFS 2020, but I’m seeing this behavior in the basic Windows properties/“calibration” window for the controller, so I don’t think it’s an MSFS thing, but I could be wrong ...


Does this type of failure sound familiar to anyone? It sounds to be like the encoder is horked, but before I rip it open to see probably nothing, thought I’d ask ...

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... and I "fixed" it: I ended up opening it up, pulling out the whole wheel/encoder wheel/PCB assembly and, um, just blowing on it? Might have had some cat hair or something in it, maybe? Regardless, I kept doing that until I was getting even response nose-up and -down, then reassembled. On reassembly I don't think I kept the axle alignment perfect so the wheel resists turning a bit more now, but frankly I actually like it better - before it spun freely for most of a revolution, which didn't really feel right (even though I've never set a finger on a real Cessna wheel) ...


So, there you go. Trim wheels are prone to cat hair interference. Who knew?

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