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So 3 weeks ago i paid and installed msfs deluxe and it was running perfect for 3 weeks not one problem!!

About a week ago i had to swap out my motherboard i broke the old one, i replaced it with the exact same one but some drivers were missing and there was a windows update. Did everything and tried msfs and all hell broke loose wont load and if it does it shuts down right at the main screen. I uninstalled fs and reinstalled it it got better but still shuts down here and there and yes i did all the updates for fs. So my ? is anyone having this issue of random shutdowns ? And if so is there a fix? Also when it does work i can't get into my challenges it won't let me use it or the hong kong section any help please!! thanks

windows 11, asus crosshair viii dark hero, 64mb g.skill d4 4000 ram, amd ryan9 5950 clocked to 4.3, noctua nh-u12s, asus rtx 4080 oc, 2x samsung 980 pro ssd 3tb m.2 nvme x3
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