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Can MSFS be Repaired?

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Like most Microsoft products, if a repair needs to be done, you can go to programs and right click to repair.....I am finding you can’t do this with MSFS. The cockpit camera is all of a sudden inoperative in all planes, thus leaving me to fly in the external mode. I have tried everything to fix it, but to no avail.


Maybe I have a corrupted file, but I would rather fix than uninstall and install it again.


Any suggestions? Thank you!

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If it's the Steam version I have a feeling this might not work.


I just brought up FS20 in Apps & Features and the only options are Modify, which is greyed out, or Uninstall. There is no Advanced Options link.


This leaves the ghastly option which many of us went through with the 1.8.30 debacle when we had to verify the Steam cache which then triggered a complete re-download of the whole programme.

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