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Wing stabilization issue

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Good point Stinger2k2, on one of my early flights i noticed how my King Air started to drag it’s tail very heavily during autopilot. I disabled autopilot and almost lost control, plane was very difficult to fly and it barely could keep it’s altitude. After some hassle, I find out that you must actively use de-icing booths every now and then to blow away the ice from your wings. Which is pretty nice!
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You may be talking about "Dutch Roll" or technically "yaw due to roll" or "adverse yaw".


Small jets usually have a yaw damper as part of the autopilot or separate system to help - does yours have a switch?


Also, this also part of pilot experience- overcorrecting causes it to happen even worse on the opposite direction and you get into a pilot induced oscillation or "PIO".


This usually is worse at higher angles of attack / slower speeds. Also some airplanes in any FS may not fly too great anyway without some tweaking

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