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I'm returning to Flight Sims, following a 20 year hiatus. MSFS2020 is great but it makes me feel like I've never controlled a sim before. My system is dated, a I7-3770K at 3.8 GHz, 32 GB of DDR3 RAM, 240 GB Crucial SSD, a RTX2060 Super 8Ghz, GigaByte 32" curved 165 FPS capable monitor, running on Win 10. I'm trying to control it with a Logitech controller and results are sketchy, at best. Set various levels of sensitivity but approaches and landings are hilarious. I might be able to land in a field next to the runway, but more than likely will plow a furrow for the farmer. Frame rate is OK, most of the time, occasional pauses and stuttering but, nothing unexpected. I wouldn't say money is no object, but considering upgraded CPU, motherboard, RAM. Controller upgrade to Honeycomb (whenever they're back in stock) and rudder pedals. Opinions? Comments? Obscenities? LOL!
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It might be worth turning on developer mode to see what is bottlenecking on your current system. It may help in deciding what needs upgrading.


With regards the controls, this sim is much different to previous sims and the flight model (i am assuming that you have it set on Modern rather than Legacy) is more twitchy and makes landing more of a challenge. There are threads on here giving tips of how to dumb down the controls a bit by editing the config files, this may help too.


Good luck



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Thanks, Stinger! I'll look. Been monitoring w/Task Manager, but nothing seems amiss and difficult to catch it at the point where it misbehaves. Landed a 172 this AM and lost rudder control (which I use to stay centered on the runway as I taxi), results are hilarious. Plowed many furrows (left, right, circles) crossing the field to the parking area.
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