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MyTraffic 2006 AI year


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Anyone know how to add the specific year? I want to do a 70's style install but I cant see how to add only that year traffic. Any help greatly appreciated.


Hello There

If you are talking about the freeware MyTraffic 2006 (that's the one i have)

Then this is what i did.....

Open the MY Traffic folder within fs9.

Scroll down the various 'bits' within that folder until you see seven batch files labelled 1965 1970 1980 1990 2000 2005 2006.

click on the batch file for the AI you want to see for that particular era IE click 1965 if that's what you are after. A screen will appear with obvious technical jiggery pokery going on ,wait till that window auto closes ( A few seconds) then start Fs9. Position your self at a major airport and watch for traffic (I chose Heathrow ) now your AI will all be from the era 1965 66 67 etc and that era year only (no modern stuff).

The same procedure applies to the other years as well if you want 70s 80s etc

If you want to return to 2006 (the default era now outdated of course )but i am fine with that then select that particular batch file.



I did notice that at the bottom of those era batch files one labelled simply Trafficbat i am not sure what that does and as i am not particularly tech savvy if you want to try out my above solutions to getting different era AI then that particular batch file should probably be left alone.

Hopefully somebody in the know can explain what that particular file does.

Anyways i had no problems....using the 1965 bat file as an example i could see Comets ,707s ,old liveries BOAC ,BEA amongst others at Heathrow Gatwick etc.


Cheers Andy

PS a certain amount of at your own risk applies, but it seems to work fine for me.

My only wish?... some clever person out there could add up to date AI for this program as it is freeware now and works particularly well . Its ideal for people with older PCs as the models only use dxt1 i believe .

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Ah nice. Thanks. I did see those bat file thingies. Kinda figured maybe that’s what happens.

Can I load more then one? Like the 70’s and 80’s for instance or is only one ‘year’ so to speak able to be loaded?



I am not sure as I haven't used any of these historic era fleets myself.

Perhaps give it a try and see what occurs.


Cheers Andy

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