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FSXX runs well with substandard internet speed.

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While awaiting for FS to release, I built a decent computer and got two SSD drives. My internet speed is 3 to 3.5 mbps and that is as good as it gets for the immediate future out in the booonies where I live. All settings are maxed ultra and the monitor is 4k 42".


It took weeks to get the first download complete and two installs but now the updates are fairly stable at one gig per hour.


I set up a rolling cache of .4 tb and pre download areas that I start flights from. I may end up with less cache and more pre download but this works for now. If you get a slow connection speed warning, you must go back into settings and re set to online mode or it will run offline with poor resolution. By starting in an area where you have pre downloaded, using a cache, running slower planes (up to 150 k so far), I am getting excellent results. There are times when the overlay is "chunky" but it works.


My opinion is that this is way better than FSX ever was even with the bugs. I am looking forward to the updates and bug fixes as well as a pure offline mode from memory. However, don't hold back getting this sim due to slow internet worries or waiting till all bugs are fixed.

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Just an update for those that have slow internet and are using manual cache.


My cache is 600gigs and when I hit view, it takes about 4 minutes to get to the next screen which says wait for cache to update. It then takes about 25 minutes for the update to occur. I downloaded most of Denver area in medium with parts of Jeffco and the north airports in high. I did low res out to vail pass. This took about 8 hours and I am going in for high res around loveland to vail pass estimated at 4 hours.


It runs offline in the areas with high res in very good detail. I am enjoying putting the fully loaded Xcub (https://www.bushleaguelegends.com/addons/msfs/msfs-mods 1.71 and the GX3 mods) through high altitude runways.


Dont let poor internet stop you from enjoying the best VFR flight sim ever!

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Glad to hear you are enjoying the fruits of your labour. Conerning very poor Internet speeds in your area, I am in the same boat here in Spain as I live in the countryside with no landlines at all. I solved this by buying a modem that requires a sim then took a contact out for a no data limit smartphone sim and get circa 10 to 20 mbps downloads on my PC. Just a thought.
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How do you capture and retain the data for this "rolling cache"?

Never mind, I found it. I didn't know such a thing existed.


I set my rolling cache to 128GB, why not? I have a 1 TB ssd available.

Are there any disadvantages to a huge cache?

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After the thread got locked about buy now or wait I thought I would add another update. Buy now but get a decent machine for the task. I am running a 4K 42" monitor with 2070 ti that is generally running at 75 to 90%


My router took a lightning strike a few weeks ago. After the line was upgraded and the new router installed, I am now getting between 3.8 and 4.3 megs per second. When running from a pre downloaded densely populated areas like Los Angeles in a low slow airplane, it starts bumping against the download limits for keeping up with the scenery. It still runs in online mode if you ignore the run offline request.


When running from an area that has no prior downloaded scenery but is less populated, the slower internet is able to keep up. The latest update to US had a noticeable improved effect on the elevation and photo overlay in some areas I fly.


The Longitude is now a joy to fly and I started to venture into the A320 but have a problem with landing in the last 60 feet. Mainly pitch and sink rate need to be better controlled by me as the sim is working fine.

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