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Saaitek H.O.T.A.S. x56 spinning out of control

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Help. After investing considerable in upgrading my PC for MSFS 2020 , i cannot get the control stick and throttle, to calibrate. it just spins out of control. does anyone have a cure to help? Perhaps a mapping program the i could install MSFS 2020 ready?
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It may be worth checking it in the windows joystick configuration app. Just type joy.cpl in the windows 10 search window and press enter.


Check all is ok in there first then move on to assigning it in msfs.


Is the problem with all axes?


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I found that I had to be ensure that controls, axis's and buttons were in fact only set for one thing. My Rhino seems to be doing alright. It's been a steep learning curve and getting in tune with what the sim wants but so far so good. Best of luck!

James M

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When I had the same issue with my controller I went and downloaded the software for it, and it has a control panel for it that will allow you to calibrate it. After that I had to set the mapping up again and have that saved.

for your device here is the link to fint the software and drivers.


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