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FS2x Quest Kodiak G1000 panel


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I recently purchased the FS2x G1000 package (Don Kuhn?) and installed into FS9 no problem. The website offers a free Quest Kodiak panel upgrade to users that have legitimately purchased this product. (This panel was why I purchased the G1000 in the first place!) The download for the Kodiak is a password protected file that uses the same password as used to install the package once purchase has been completed. Except it doesn't!! The purchase password will NOT open the Kodiak zip file. (I appreciate that this website and it's products might well be long gone but they are still offering stuff for sale.....) I have e-mailed the various addresses on the site, including the one used by Paypal for the purchase. With no success.... Does anyone have this panel and could let me have it? I am a legal owner of the base package and can supply a copy of the receipt if required. Either that, or advice on how to open the zip file download of the Kodiak.



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