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Orbx Scenery reload


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My PC crashed, and I want to reload all my Orbx scenery. The install hangs up on the auth code, apparently there is no server anymore (I bought the stuff in 2014-16).


I bought most of it at the FlightSimStore and their web site does not seem to have a way to recover the order history, to get the codes and copy of reciepts which are needed for the new orbx site.


Questions are:


1. Where can I get a copy of the orders on FlightSimStore.com or do they have another site?


2. I was able to capture the old data, but can not seem to find the bgl files for Orbx. If I had the bgl files I could load those directly into FSX.




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Unfortunately the original FlightSimStore.com is gone (looks like there is a new, and unrelated, site at that address). Did you save copies any of the receipts they emailed when you ordered? If not, I think your only option is to reach out to Orbx and see if they can help you.
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