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Japan Tour Adventure

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I thought I could just enjoy the tour by assigning AI to fly the plane, but instead ended up flying to North Korea. After getting out of the North Korean prison, I realized that I would have to engage the autopilot to follow the flight plan myself, so the next try I went to do so and found the autopilot was not functional. After a restart to get the autopilot to function, and while observing the scenery from outside the KingAir, the program crashed to desktop. Another try while just flying the damn plane myself with AP engaged I had to quit from boredom. Other than a few nice bridge models, everything looked fake, and I hope I never see another rice paddy. I also noticed that with all the water around (which also didn't look real), there were no ships. Then I realized that since I started using the sim, I haven't seen a ship or ferry even though I set that traffic to 100%. That's when I decided just to fly and not look at scenery, and every attempt ended with a CTD. Boy am I having a bad day.

Asus Prime Z490-P motherboard, Intel i7-10700K CPU, 32GB DDR4 3200 memory, GeForce RTX 2070-8GB video, 1TB M.2 SSD, Windows 10-64 bit, Acer 23"WS LCD and Benq 19" LCD, Logitech Flight Yoke, Thrustmaster Pedals, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick, TrackIR 5, MSFS Deluxe and FSX Deluxe, UTX-USA2, UTX-TAC, GEX-NA, ASN, WOAI

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