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Never forget that FS2020 is still a toddler

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MSFS2020 is a toddler, and given time will run like an Olympian.


I have been simming since I retired at age 62 and had enough free time to devote to the sim and fly.


My daughter gave me FS95 for Christmas in 1996 and to my dismay, I could not use it because I discovered that it wasn't a game but a sim that worked in real-time. So I put it on the shelf to use later.

Working to support my family just didn't allow me enough time to fly circuits, much less to make a decent cross country flight.


In 1997 I purchased FS98 and got hooked, and have owned every version since then.


I and many other Old Timers can tell you that we have heard all of this before with each release of every new sim.


Stop Trolling and be thankful that we now have a great new sim that contains features we used to dream about and give the developers time to finish the program. Come back in 5 years and re-read your complaints to see if they still apply.


Developers always welcome Bug Reports and suggestions but not complaints about things not working the way that YOU think they should. Coding a computer can be a nightmare, coding for thousands of different computers can be hell.


Dale (Gypsy Pilot) Evans


If you treat everyone the way you want to be treated

You will be well treated

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