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Crashes when I try to see the map !

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Only happens if I've been flying for more than 30 mins. It's a bind. Does anyone else get this ?


It is documented in the patch notes that it will happen, as well as the remedy.

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Game may crash if the VFR Map is not opened right after starting the flight

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Same here! what is the remedy? Does not seem to be a remedy. Opening the map after starting sim makes no difference. It seems to be random. This needs to be fixed now! Edited by Energizer23
Windows 11, Intel i9-9900K, 32GB DDR4/3000 MHz, GeForce RTX 2070, 1TB M.2 Drive dedicated to Flight Sim
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For those interested in opening the VFR map right from the get-go....


OPTIONS menu, ASSISTANCE window, USER EXPERIENCE, scroll down to see the toggle for VFR MAP UI PANEL OPEN AT START.

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