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DreamFleet Piper Dakota....help...please


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I recently purchased the DreamFleet Piper Dakota for FSX. I am a 64 bit system running Windows 7. That being said, I have been running FSX along with RXP GNS WAAS & RXP FLN for sometime with no problems. Additionally I have Garmin GNS400W trainer which runs stand alone with no problems.


When I enter FSX free flight mode and select the Dakota FSX crashes and I get the following error message.


Reality XP Garmin GNS Ver

Can't find the Garmin Trainer 430 program. Check registry or reinstall.


I am guessing there is a simple redirection or renaming of a path that needs to happen here. I'll be the first to admit, that I am also about "over my head" in trying to figure this out.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!




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