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Does using two different VR headsets confuse XP11 ?


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I've been using VR in XP11 for some time now with a Samsung Odyssey headset via Windows WMR.


I then bought a Pimax 8k (not the plus or the XR) a couple of months ago, lured by the 170 degree wide field of view. I was so impressed with the increased immersion because of the much increased peripheral vision, that I decided to significantly upgarde my PC hardware.


I went from an i7 3770k to an i9 9900kf (and new 9th gen motherboard), and a GTX 1070 to an RTX 2080ti (bought sh, after the price dropped to £500). I also put the OS and sim on a 1tb M2. SSD.


The FPS improvement on my triple screen setup is predictably massive, even with high settings in complex scenery areas.


I also started to use Vulkan, which also improved things considerably.


My problem though, is that during this transition of kit, I hadn't used the Pimax headset, until now, and I can't get an image on it in XP anymore. The Samsung Odyssey works perfectly, and the Pimax works well on this kit with every other VR app that I have.


I was wondering if I've somehow confused XP by using two different types of VR headset ? or if my Pimax is not compatible with Vulkan ?

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