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How to transition to approach when assigned by ATC?

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So I am very close to completing a short IFR flight in the A320. I loaded up flight plan from EGCC to EGPF from simbrief. (It includes SID and STAR waypoints). Takeoff, climb, and cruise went well. Then, when ATC assigned me to ILS 05 with transition GLW, that's when things went haywire. I used the FMC to enter the approach with transition GLW and activated it. I was cleared direct to GLW, so I attempted to use the normal procedure in the FMC, but GLW had not been added to list of waypoints. So I decided to ask ATC for ILS 05 with vectors to final. ATC acknowledged my request, but then NEVER gave me vectors.


I'd like to be able to either accept the transition or ask for vectors, but I couldn't seem to do either. Anyone done this successfully?


Since the latest patch, I am getting very nice, smooth performance. So excited to see some good quality add-on aircraft make it into this sim. I just need to learn how to put together the final elements of an IFR flight so I can start flying around from city to city and see this amazing new sim world they created for us!

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