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Successful patch - but control sensitivity not working

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I have the DVD version of MSFS in the UK and performed the mandatory patch this afternoon. The download was flawless on my 50 mbps connection and took about 45 minutes. No question performance has improved. Frame rate is a bit better, especially over a major airport like LHR, but the really big plus is that the horrible stutters when the sim loads new scenery have disappeared.

Biggest downer so far is that, as others have reported, it’s no longer possible to adjust controller sensitivity. However, I seem to have been lucky in one respect. The sim has preserved my previous sensitivity settings so my planes are perfectly flyable for the time being. I note that MS now have the sensitivity problem on their list of Known Issues.

(CPU Intel 17-9700F, 32 Gbs RAM, Nvidia 2080ti, 27-inch monitor 1440.)

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