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front view without cockpit

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This may be a stupid question. The answer most likely is right before my eyes.


Can some one tell me what key, or combination of keys make the cockpit disappear? Would love the view without anything in my eyesite. Also it would be the beginning of trying to use multiple monitors for front window, using a splitter. My video card....GeForce RTX 2070 8gig ram, icore10700K 8 core, 3.8ghz (15.1 GHz turbo) with 16gig ddr4-3000mhz memory. Video card has 1 DVI and 3 Display ports. Am doing early testing on getting multiple monitor working. If I can use multiple monitors, I have learned that you can move the actual MFD screens and release them from the panels...if so, I can create a windshield, with two monitors that would have most of my controls on visual.


Can I remove the panel like you could in FSX.


That flight sim I use 6 monitors....three for front windshield, two under with my gages and one large monitor overtop of windshild with Over head displays....and just added a 7th monitor, 8" that looks just like a GPS....using two splitters, one 3 port and 1 2 port....using two video cards, GTXOC 8800 from Nividia....it is pretty nice. I use 17 Go flight modules....where the heck is my software from goFlight.


This is like learning all over again.


but with my machine, i have only had one crash of computer. took 5 hours to download, but once it installed...I am getting great visual, no stutters....I have only flow Cleveland, Norfolk, Baltimore, New York..... Usually get my air craft up in the air and have been programming my Auto Pilot controls....for longer flights....I will be using a keyboard for Auto Pilot. I am using CHPro Yoke and Saitek X52 for most flight controls...gear, flaps, spoiler.


I have to believe that a lot of the problems people are having is most likely computer based...not quite high end. My son actually bought my machine 10 days ago, surprised me....he said it was for putting up with him when he was in his teens....I asked him, if he thought that paid for everything he did....and then winked, and said it only scratches the surface.


I know this post was all over the place. Thanks for reading.



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Nice set up! To get your Go Flight gear to work with FS2020, you need Polypot software. I don't know what happened to Goflight.


Oh, also, I'm not sure how to do that in this version. I will be watching this thread, because I like to do that as well sometimes, fly without the flight deck in front of you.

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With regard to getting rid of the intruments the best method so far is to set up a custom view zoomed as far as you can go forward , then edit the xyz of the camera view cfg to push it a little further forward.


On the MSFS forums, tips and tricks, i think it was, there is a post explaining it fully.


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