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elevator sensitivity

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like every flight sim I've ever used, the elevator sensitivity seems way off. Adjusting it in game doesn't help. You have to go into the aircraft config file and adjust it manually, usually reducing by a half to two thirds. Once done, the aircraft lifts off smoothly and lands without all that jerking motion.

It's a god awful path this time to the aircraft config files, however. For steam it's - users, user name, app data, roaming, microsoft flight simulator, packages, official, steam, asobo aircraft, sim objects, airplanes

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so far I've only done asobo - aircraft - flightdesignct. Once there go to simobjects - airplanes - asobo flightdesingct - then open the file - flight model. I just use notepad for this. Then scroll down to the heading - flight tuning. The variables here are similar to past flight sims. I set elevator_effectiveness to .5. This does change aerodynamics, so you might want to adjust elevator trim effectiveness up a bit. And if you're into aerobatics, probably best to leave it alone since you obviously want full elevator effectiveness.
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