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new updates for ms2020

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As new updates become available, will steam automatically install when game loads? Do I need to do this manually?


Second question. Does this software support multiple monitors.....not expanding across two, even though I would like to know that also, but two or more monitors with different views on each one. with FSX I have a total of 7 monitors, three for windshield, over heat pane, two lower monitors with the actual cockpit vies and a small 8" monitor that I put the gps on. Will I be able to do this in this software.


Where are the aircraft folders, how would you make changes to the panels?


I have a software that gives me the ability to make left and right sides of main panels, and then put them on different monitors....create a very large multi monitor cockpit.


Right now I don't see any of this as being possible. Any input please.


What about Goflight software for ms2020....any word on this.


But do I ask a bunch of questions.

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As for multiple monitor support.. nope, not yet. It will be added in an update though & there’s another update due soon.. so?


In the mean time you can drag the main view across multiple screens but I guess you already know that.

I use three screens. My two side screens are stretched & a bit distorted.

If you have seven.. well it’s not really an option is it?

Let’s hope we get multi-screen support soon :)




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That is what I thought steve. Also waiting patiently for the GoFlight software to become available....then I will have much more control of air craft and systems ...... don't like the keyboard for Auto pilot, and flaps and all that stuff. I want my controls to work .... :)


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I use the Citation Longitude and with this aircraft you have the option to detach the PFD and MFD screens to move to another monitor. Not the bezels, just the displays.

It may work with other aircraft too.


To do it....

Press the right alt key on your keyboard ("alt gr" on mine) then hover your mouse over the display you want to detach. It should show a magnifying glass with a plus sign. Then a left mouse click will detach it ready for dragging to another screen.


It may be possible to do this with other instruments, i haven't tried it.


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