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How to get rid of FPS Limiter


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Can't tell without knowing what exactly you mean by "FPS limiter" (FSX built-in, FPS_Limiter_0.2.jar, NVidiaInspector Profile, ...). Those are the ones I'm aware of, there may be others.


I'm pretty sure that, by eliminating the possibilities, you'll find the solution by yourself. Far from sure the fact "yr FSX being really jumpy" is caused by limiting the frames btw, I've always assumed the contrary.



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idea's? 2

-Get rid of the external limiter

-Lower your graphics settings if you want higher fps, and/or get your pc running better.


The more detail you want on the screen; your aircraft, other aircraft, scenery, airports, detailed buildings, aircraft speed, etc, the lower your fps will be.

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Hey there, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to get rid of the FPS limiter? I've removed it but it's still locked on 30FPS. It makes my FSX really jumpy. My specs are pretty high - I7 4770, GTX 750 TI, 8GB RAM. Any ideas?


I wonder how you got it ?

is that the one you can download from bojote tweek tool page ?

In that case, you dont need to uninstall it. just start fsx with default fsx.exe

executable file.

if not, you might have installed some tweek addon thats modifing your fps.

i think gamebooster has that option too.


How high are your settings sliders ? what aircraft ?

airport traffic display ? antialising ? all the display bla bla...

when you go to your display settings check any settings where the message warns you "might decrease performance"



if you never wonder about something, its because you know everything....:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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If that is your fps limiter, the way to not use it is just to start fsx the way you used to do before you started using the limiter.


If you have set unlimited and get a varying rate in fsx i'm almost certain the limiter is off.


A way to check and make sure, set fps in fsx settings to 10.

If you get 10 fps, there is no limiter trying to force a higer framerate.



(And if your system can't do more then 20, a limiter won't 'give' you more..)

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