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Airport Textures Missing when I'm in 'Developer Mode'

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As the title says, my asphalt gets scoured clean down to the grass below when I’m in Developer Mode.


Strange thing is, it didn’t use to be like this. I first noticed the problem about a week ago, when I had last turned off the simulator in dev-mode, and when I came back in, accidentally opened it in non-administrator status. I couldn’t back out in time and so I inadvertently opened a second copy at the same time in administrator mode.


I opened the Task Manager to confirm that, yes indeed, I had two separate copies of the simulator at the same time. One pulling a mild amount of CPU and a ton of GPU percentage points, and the other pulling hardly anything at all.


I took the one that was hardly being used as the one that was probably the non-Admin version, and so I pressed “END TASK”, so that only the high CPU/GPU using copy was left.


From that point on I was never able to run in Developer Mode with the correct textures again.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? What might I have done wrong, and how do I get them back? Thank you.


In Non-Developer Mode:


65819895069d025dff61d1d2bf90fafaf43dc87b_2_517x291.jpegOscar-Two-Seven (Oakdale, CA) with top textures, developer mode off1920×1080 396 KB



In Developer Mode:

72cb922fd445fd773612be2f1cb99ea42c18a13d_2_517x291.jpegOscar-Two-Seven (Oakdale, CA) with top textures, developer mode ON1920×1080 542 KB


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