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H E L P ! ! ! No Controls At All

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So does anyone know why my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, rudder pedals, and throttles don't work in the sim at all? They used to when i first installed the sim, but when i went to get into it today, NOTHING 😞 I have uninstalled the sim and reinstalled it and still nothing. I can't get anyone from Microsoft or Steam to help me with this. Everyone says i have to come here to have someone know what to do to fix my problem. I don't really like this really. I feel if i spend $120.00 for a sim, i should be able to talk to someone over the phone to help get this working. I'm seriously thinking of going back to FSX Steam. It was much more steady with no issues like this. And i can use all my switch panels in FSX as well which i really miss a ton.



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