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Aircraft Colors/Stripes

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I’m curious why the end user is not able to change the color of the default aircraft? I'm specifically referring to the Cessna 172 non-Garmin 1000 version... or any other non-commercial aircraft. Why do we only get a choice of mocha brown? Not really my cup of tea.


I mean the ability to choose from multiple color liveries within the default menu, such as this FSX screen shot here:


Well I can't get this forum to post an image tonight, but I think you know what I mean.

The old FSX plane menu where the thumb nails of different Cessnas were right next to each other--- one with red stripes, one with blue, green , yellow, etc.


Why don't we have that choice in FS-2020? All we get is that darn brown color I'm not a fan of.


Or am I missing something, and those choices are there?

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