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triple monitor setup question based on angle


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I am wanting to buy three 43" 4K monitors for my simpit build. I am wanting to calculate the space needed using these monitors and obviously the less angle involved, the more space required. Can anyone tell me what the ideal angle is relative to the MSFS display? I am assuming the side monitors are supposed to represent your side windows, but you arent going to want to put them at 45 degree angles from the front... so, if anyone could give me an idea how to do this, it would be much appreciated.



as a bonus question, I have seen a lot of videos where people have setup their logitech cockpits and have 1/3 of their forward screen covered by the panel. Is there no way to remove the i game panel to get more exterior view?


I have the software, volair component panel, toke and throttle and several components. still waiting on the pedals, due mid October and monitors probably last on the list.


thank you


new to flight sim, but going all in on it.

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