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Joystick Malfunction


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I have a PC Line joystick. it works fine to the left but wont turn the aircraft to the right on the ground. When I check in outside view the control surfaces function when I push the stick to the left but they don't move when I push it to the right.


I checked the settings and they all look to be fine.


It's a 2 axis 4 button joystick and only one of the 3 buttons work. The throttle works fine.

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It could be because of an error in a startup flight you saved.

Make sure to have the default startup flight. (ultralight friday harbor).

To get that default startup flight situation back:

-close fsx,

-open file fsx.cfg

-find line

situation='whatever it says there'

-delete the end of the line so it only says


-close and save the file

start fsx.


Also, test the controls in a plane like the beech baron. In smaller aircraft the aeleron movement is easier to see. (2 axis joystick, so I assume it's aelerons you meant are the problem.).


Of course make sure to unplug other controllers that can control aeleron. So no other joysticks, x-box controllers, etc. (and after unplugging the others, unplug and replug the one you are trying to get working to get it properly recognised.).


Spray some contact spray in the buttons that don't work. Don't dismantle, just spray in the small edge around the buttons.

Contact spray cleans oxidation and grime and gets your electrons flowing again.;) Wonderful stuff.:D

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