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Taxi/Rudder Jerky Movement Issue Fixed - For me

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tl;dr Remove unnecessary "Human Interface Devices" device drivers from Control Panel



I'm posting this hoping it might help others. I have seen others that have had issues where, after landing, their plane would be very hard to control. For me, I had to not only use the rudder, but also the joystick itself to try and keep the plane rolling straight. It was very difficult and made taxiing almost impossible. It didn't do it on launch day so I thought something must have changed.


On my PC, I have a four port USB hub that sits on my desk that I plug my Thrustmaster T.16000M HOTAS into. I plug in and unplug my HOTAS when needed and noticed that when I plugged the joystick into a different port on the USB hub, that I got another popup saying the driver was installed and the device was ready to use. I didn't think much of it at the time, but after having this taxi issue, I took a look at the device manager I felt there were too many devices attached to my PC.


I removed the HOTAS and one by one I disabled the drivers. I ran into an issue where I disabled the mouse, but it was easy to put back using the keyboard. I disabled nearly all of the HID-compliant devices as well as the USB Input Devices. After disabling them all, I went back and uninstalled them. I then plugged the HOTAS back in, causing those drivers to reinstall and launched FS_2020. On launch, I had a slight bug where some throttle was always applied even though my throttle was zero. I unplugged the HOTAS and plugged it back in causing the game to crash to desktop. I may have unplugged/plugged again (can't remember for sure), relaunched the game and now the landing / taxi and throttle works perfectly. It also much improved take-off. On take-off the plane always pulled heavily left, but I had read on some thread it would normally pull left. At this point, my PC is only using the drivers for devices that are installed on their specific ports.


At any rate, if you have plugged your joystick or controllers into multiple ports, this might be worth a look if you're having similar issues.


Hope this helps.






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Sorry to jump in here, but how do I post in this forum. I can read other posts. I'm signed in as well.


I'm really trying to find out if I can delete FS 2020 and reload it on the same computer. For the last few days, the program "hangs" after the opening screen that says "press any key".

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You are alright if you don't touch one of the other devices but the problems start if, like I did the other evening, you have a quick blast in GTA using the joypad (XB) then decide to switch to FS2020 where you fly with the joystick. Not only was the aircraft squirrelling around, the menu screens were going bananas morphing from KBM to XB pad input.


If you do play anything before FS20, best to do a hard reboot (i.e. full shut down/start) of the PC first to eliminate any lingering input activity which is obviously being picked up by FS.


Another tip for ground handling is to ensure you have the takeoff rudder assist switched off as that seems to interfere with taxi and your take off/landing rolls.

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