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Oil rigs as a waypoint


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Good morning all, would anyone know if it is possible to use the North Sea oil rigs as a destination for S&R helicopters as part of a flight plan.As they are not listed as an airport in ADE I can't think of how to locate them other than by their coordinates. It is possible to land on them I guess as they have a helipad, although I have not tried as I am crap at flying 'copters. But I was not really interested in that just yet , I just wanted to use some of them as a waypoint for a circular AI flight. Any help would be much appreciated, and thanks for a great forum and many thanks to all the people out there that offer such valuable help.
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Add them as airports using ADE. If you have the coords it will be easy.

Create the airport giving it the locatiion info, a unique name, and ICAO.

With ADE open, slew to that one.

If the pad is landable you should be able to set the bird down on it.

ADE upper right: "Connect", Right Click-> "Center on Aircraft"

Now, if so desired, you can add a custom NDB close to it.

Rinse/Repeat for the others.


Alternatively you can create a single airport, located centrally to the field(s), giving it a large enough test radius to encompass all of the rigs. Slew to each, "Connect", Right Click-> "Center on Aircraft", and create an NDB...Don

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one of those oil rigs in FSX has an NDB and also DME


that oil rig is around 80nm miles out from ENFL,


dme is 113.65 GFC and NDB is 333.0 GFC


Can you please give me the coordinates, I didn't find this oil rig?

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There are about 30, some have NDB or DME - http://www.simtours.net/oilplatform.php


This one is said to have the best graphics, it's in the North Sea at-

LAT n52 12.02

LONG e3 29.21




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Can you please give me the coordinates, I didn't find this oil rig?


Gullfaks N61°12'52" E02°16'24"




North of it NDB SNR Snorre 375.0

West of it NDB STB Statfjord B 615.0

But these are only land stations floating on the ocean. Silly sight.




Also lots of oil platforms in the NL2000 package. The 3D objects part, no need to install the photoscenery (although I highly recommend it). None of them as Navaids though.



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