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Very nice freeware Hawaiian scenery


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Several days ago I came across a reference to some freeware Hawaiian scenery. I downloaded and installed it and it is very nice. I have the default scenery there and the photo-realistic background blends very nicely with it. Here's a link to the download page:




There is a lot of AI included which is a real plus. The frame rate impact is detectable but relatively minor; the quality of the scenery more than makes up for it.


I installed it to both the Steam and disc versions and did have a few errors while installing but just clicked skip when notified. I haven't been able to identify what's missing. In case anyone checks this out here's is a list of the errors I encountered.











There are three downloads and are mostly independent except the third has some corrections for the first.

In the readme there are some recommended scenery settings. There is a reference to MIPBIAS with which I wasn't familiar. I googled it and what I came across suggested that it be added to the [Display.Device... section rather than the [Display] section as specified in the Readme. I tried it out with unpleasant results. There was a chain link that was barely discernible across the field from where my aircraft was parked and near invisible without the Mipbias edit; with the edit it was a jaggy nightmare. I removed the reference and haven't pursued this further.

I highly recommend this scenery.

Jim F.

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Yep! George did an excellent job.

I've been flying around Hawaii a lot since his since part 2 was released a few weeks ago.


I highly recommend Raimondo Taburet's Hawaii 10m Mesh. hawai10_2.zip in the library.


I'm using the $5 special MegaScenery Earth Hawaii from PC Aviator. I love it.

There is also a set of photoreal freebies for Hawaii here. http://www.hawaii-photoreal.com/


With Mesh, Photoreal, and George's Airports, my Hawaii is all but completely transformed.

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