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My experience MSFS2020

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Running an i2600K OC to 4.4Ghz with 16Gb on SSD 500Gb, RTX2070.

Was impressed by how fluid I am getting it to run so wanted to share my experience.

First attempt was a disappointment. I experienced severe stutters once every 1-2 sec like something was being loaded, in between stutters it was smooth. Settings very high suggested by the simulator. Then I started to optimise:

- Avast antivirus disabled

- NVIDIA Control panel Program settings:

Antialising FXAA off,

Antialiasing Gamma correction Off

Power Management: Prefer Maximum perforrmance

Texture filtering Anisotropic sample optimisation: On

Texture filtering quality: High performance

Texture filtering Trilinear optimisation: On

Triple buffering: Off


Used RIVATuner to cap frame rates at 35 fps

Set in the sim vsync to off

Enabled Hyperthreading in the BIOS (this I believe was the single action likely to have removed stutters)

Used also Project LASSO

Closed all unnecessary programs and services while running the sim


The result is a very enjoyable smooth performance with very few stutters and FR around 30 to 35 fps, GPU between 50% and 100% and CPU around 50/60%


In term of the experience, certainly clouds/weathers, ambient lighting, terrain details are exceptional

A couple things I believe need to be improved:


- Terrain mesh: when you have mountains with rough terrain and high cliffs, it seems it's not depicting correctly. For example the area of the Dolomites in Italy, I could not recognise a single mountain while in XPlane 11 using a ZL17 mesh, the result is quite good and you can actually recognise the areas if you are familiar. So there is a need to improve the granularity of the mesh where high variation in altitude of mountains. At least to a basic level, then you would have third party developing for sure very highly detailed mesh. But a basic ZL17 adapted mesh would allow to "feel" there also in mountain areas you are familiar with


- Depiction of cars and roads. In New York I have seen some strange things with cars climbing skyscrapers. Here a blend of ortho data and data from Openstreet map to depict roads and cars could help, showing also for example street signs.

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