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LONG download time

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How long does it take to download the purchased version ? Can you buy a CD version >
It depends on your broadband connection speed of course but most most are reporting around 15 hours.


15 hours for me on my 70mb download speed in the UK




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It is available on DVDs but only in selected places in the world. Available here in Australia.

Check Ebay.


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My download time was just under 3 hours. I have what is called here Internet 100.


So download time will vary greatly depending on ISP and location.



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Sadly, I am one of the few who has poor download speed 3mbs and have spent a week trying to get a download. I get looping on files and a variety of issues. This is on a new machine bought for this sim with ample specs. At this point I am waiting for the fix to come out next week and the probable reality that I will have to dump 50 gigs of hard won download.


I am not complaining, just giving an accurate low end download speed. I did get two ssd's, one for the programs 500 gig and one for cacheing heavy used areas (1000 gig).


I have used fs since the early 80's and even used it to help practice cross wind landings when I got my PPL. This looks to be the best yet and worth waiting for when the bugs are fixed.

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Well, finally ! 26 hours for download. FS will not run on my machine yet, crashes as soon as you try to 'FLY' Have a new Game card coming. Starts up OK, but says 'your system will not support this', and loads and goes thru the basics. Recognizes my Microsoft Joy stick. Time will tell
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