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MSFS2020 Citation Longitude Landing at Aspen/Pitkin County (KASE)


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Here's a another short video clip to showcase some of the MSFS2020 aircraft and scenery. This is the Cessna Citation Longitude landing at Aspen Colorado's Pitkin County Sardi Field.


This is a challenging and difficult approach with high terrain in all directions. Weather was current real Aspen weather as imported by FS2020. Note the slight turbulence wing rock on the approach.


I know - the frame rates are painfully slow on my 5 year old mid level laptop but hopefully sufficiently smooth enough to give you an idea of the sim look and feel.


This is another sim AI landing with a float and then drop/bounce on the runway - but hey - any one you can walk away from right?......:D




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I love this aircraft already. It's a shame that it's not a bit more "study level". She needs a fair bit of runway as i found to my cost at EGHQ yesterday [emoji15]. Mind you, i forgot to arm the spoilers [emoji23]


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