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Overclocking in air

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I finally did it! I was able to OC my 3820 to 4.6 using air only. I had been using water but the cooler gave up the ghost. Rather than replace it, I decided to let air do the job. It's been running like this for 3 weeks now and never gets over 54 c under load. Should I stick with this or move back to water where I never saw over 48 c?




Intel I7 3820 processor @ 4.6 Ghz 8Gig Ram, Asus P9X79 Pro MB, 256Gb Primary SSD drive, 2 TB storage drive, NVidia GeForce GTX-650 Boost GPU,Win7 64 Professional, 2x Dell 24" monitors
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I've been OC'ing on air for years. my CM Hyper 212 EVO is about the best value there is and is perfectly able to handle a moderate overclock. Budget closed loop water coolers aren't much better than a good aftermarket heatsink with fans fitted to them. Regards
I7 3770K @ 4.5 Ghz, Asus Z77pro, NVIDIA 670FTW, 2 Samsung 840 pro 256 Gb, 8 Gb Corsair Vengeance 1866 Mhz . Corsair 850W modular
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