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5120x1440 on high or ultra - would 3800x and 2070 Super be enough?

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I am currently checking out my options when it comes to upgrading my current i5-8400 and 1070 pc to be able to run FS2020 in high or ultra and preferably with a 49 inch 5120x1440 monitor, as I plan to get one of those at some point. Will e.g. a Ryzen 7 3800X/RTX 2070 Super do it? And if not, what settings can I expect this combo to manage ok?


Thanks for anyone sharing their experience!



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I have a 3800X and it runs the sim well. Considering your desired resolution I would bump up to an RTX 2080 Super. An RTX 2070 Super should run the sim fine at standard 1440p but you'll most likely have to compromise on some of the eye candy. Again, you should really go for an RTX 2080 Super at an ultrawide 1440p setting.
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Thanks for your advice! This will be expensive ;-)





I would hold off on purchasing a video card right now as the launch of Nvidia's next gen 30XX series is imminent with AMD's new cards launching sometime afterword. You might be able to find the odd deal on a new or used 20XX card - but if it's raw performance you're after - I suggest waiting to see what the new generation cards will be bringing to the table. Nvidia should be announcing their new lineup in about a week.

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I think I can safely say that you are not going to be able to run FS 2020 at that resolution (5120x1440) with ultra settings.


Toms Hardware did a thorough benchmarking test of lots of video cards at various different video resolutions.


A RTX 2080ti was totally and utterly crushed trying to run FS 2020 at 4k (3840x2160) with ultra settings peaking at only 35 fps and only giving a consistent 28 FPS. This is the only game that so far has managed to crush a RTX 2080ti at this resolution


At 2560x1440 resolution with ultra settings the RTX 2080ti was getting 49 fps.


You are proposing to run a resolution somewhere between these two, and suffice to say that unless you are using a 2080, 2080 super, or 2080 ti you are going to have to compromise and not run in ultra detail unless you are prepared to accept occasional stutter or low frame rates.


To be honest its going to be hard for you to tell the difference between running FS 2020 at high detail and ultra detail because all images will be 'moving', so I dont think dropping down to high detail will result in a dramatic drop in image quality.


The good new is running at high detail in 1080p every card equivalent or better than a RTX 2060 that was tested will give close to or above 50 FPS with many closer to 60 fps than the 50fps.

Extrapolating from that then it would be reasonable to assume that these same cards will be giving at least 35 fps to 40fps at the 5120x1440 resolution you wish to use. This is more than adequate for FS 2020, its not a first person shooter.


Read the full article here and it will give you an idea of what to expect.





I agree with the above poster,

I personally am waiting for the release of the new RTX30xx GPU's.

I am looking to get a RTX 2070 super or its equivalent from the new range of cards when they are released.


The rumour mill and leaks suggest that the RTX 30xx series will be released at these prices.


3060 card will retail at $400 (probably not release until January)

3070 " " " " $600 (leaks suggest this and all cards below will be released sometime in September)

3080 " " " " $800

3090 " " " " $1400


If those prices turn out to be true the its almost certain that existing stocks of RTX 20xx cards will be dramatically discounted.


If they do release at those prices then I will grab a RTX 3070 at much the same price as you will currently pay for a 2070 super.



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FYI, Nvidia just released a video on YouTube discussing the development/design of gfx cards and in a couple of spots they briefly showed glimpses (teases) of the new design and the new 12-pin power connector that will be on the reference cards.


Everything we've heard & seen in recent leaks looks to be 100% spot on!


Also, VideoCardz.com has confirmed the RTX3090 will have 24GB VRAM & the RTX3080 will come with 10GB VRAM (Both having GDDR6X).

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First post here...


I have a 3900x + RTX 2080ti with a 5120x1440 monitor. Running on Ultra I get 30fps which is certainly playable and looks incredible, but by lowering a few settings can push fps up much higher. On high still looks mind blowing.


An ultrawide screen is fantastic but you will have to sacrifice some quality for decent fps with this generation of graphics cards.

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