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Flying Drones / How to remove the nag messages top center

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Today I just discovered parking the airplane and flying around in the drone! Once I got the whole "left hand on W-S-A-D and right hand on [Num] 8-2-4-6" thing down, it's not as hard as I thought it would be.


(Being able to control it in joystick hat switch, or mouse +/-x, +/-y would have been cool too, but the keyboard certainly suffices).


Though as I'm looking around on my own (plane is shut down, I'm far away from it)-- I keep getting the 2 nag messages,


"Heading is set incorrectly press [D]" and "Engine is off press [9] (that's my own mapping) to restart".


Is there a way to temporarily suspend that thing, or move it from front and center, over to the upper-right corner, so I don't have to keep looking at it while I'm droning around the island of Oahu?


Do people fly the drone while they're flying the plane, or that would be next to impossible? So far I'm only interested in landing and parking my plane, getting out; and droning from that point on. (I'm not that much of a multi-tasker).

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