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Having trouble installing repaints and wing views


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I have both fsx and fs2004 I used to know how to install repaints and wing views but it has been a while and you know what they say if you dont use it you loose it. I go to the pannel file like the directions say and there is nothing marked views for wing views. so i went to the aircraft config file and found views but when I do the edits that it say to make in the directions and go to save it it comes back with the path is wrong can someone please tell me where I am going wrong? I get the same message if I try to edit the text in the pannel folder. thanks in advance.
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Installed to C:\Program Files? That location is a protected system folder.

Being protected, it won't allow changes to files inside it.

You should be able to TEMPORARILY turn the protection off to make your edits.

Control Panel\User Accounts-> Change User Account Settings


Alternatively, copy them to desktop, edit them, and copy them back. Easier-safer..Don

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