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Hi, everybody,


I would highly appreciate some support as a long time simmer but never using the G1000.


I made some flights in the C172. I made a flightplan and the AP followed it by swiching to NAV Mode.


But I had some trouble when I approached the destination airport. I did not succeed in switchin to LOC mode. In common GPS devices there is a button „OBS“ which switches from LOC to GPS and vice versa. I cannot find a Button where I can choose whether to follow GPS or LOC.


So the ILS does not work. The ICAO Code is shown, when I tune the frequency, but there is nor Glide path and no DME distance visible.


As to the DME: I found a way to show DME on the PFD but only DME1 - is there no option to show DME 2?

The distance was not shown allthough I tuned a VOR.


Maybe it is a conequence of not switching to LOC Mode.


Thanks in advance.

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Once aligned on the runway heading, switch from CDI GPS mode to CDI VOR1 mode, (your NAV1 radio should already be tuned the runway ILS frequency) and the ILS bars will appear on the MFD. You'll see the Glideslope diamond moving down the bar on the right, when it reaches the centre the autopilot will capture the glideslope and descend to the runway. I disconnect the autopilot at 400ft and hand fly the landing. I've just landed the Bonanza G36 at Exeter EGTE runway 26 in this way.

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Thanks for all the replies - I practiced some more flight this afternoon and it went well - maybe I just dialed the wrong frequency when it did not work.


Also the DME mode Nav1 or Nav2 is now available since I found the button / menue for that function.


MSFS is really fascinating - my eyes are exhausted by all the looking around.

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