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Minor Issues keep this from being perfect...

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I have a couple of issues I haven't seen discussed yet.


I have the MSFS2020 Basic version available thru XBox Game Pass. In "Free Flight" I cannot change the time or weather. Those options are "greyed out." And there is no weather tab in the in flight drop down menu. No matter where I go, it sets the time and weather to the real world data. Anyone else find this issue?


Next (and worst) issue, None of the Autopilots work. Set altitude, vertical speed, hit the button, and nothing. Set the heading, nothing.


Having had Flight Simulator since Sublogic Flight Simulator II on an Amiga 500A, and most of the versions in between, these two things are driving me bonkers. Even X-Plane didn't throw me for a loop like this...lol.


I have it on a home built comp (AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF, B450 MB, 16Gb DDR4-3200 memory, 1TB NVMe, RX-570 4GB graphics card). When it setup, it suggested "medium" settings and it has honestly been better than I expected, with frame rates into the 40's @ 1080, even though the graphics card is maxed out @ 100%.



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