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Wilco A320 X-wind autoland

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Does anyone know exactly how to counter crosswind during a CAT III autoland with the FS9 Wilco A320? The autopilot won't do anything with the rudder, and if I apply rudder manually while in autoland, the AP disengages from a certain degree of rudder deflection (it clearly says this in the manuals). Up until now, I'd simply perform a manual landing when crosswindy, and all this time I've been thinking...there has got to be a way to properly counter the crosswind when performing a CAT III in the bus, but I never asked anyone and I haven't been able to find the answer myself so, any volunteers willing to try and enlighten me? :D


Thank you so much!

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I use auto-rudder in all the Airbuses, just tick the box in Aircraft/Realism Settings. I have also increased the rudder area in all the Airbus Aircraft.cfg files for greater rudder authority.

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