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Side-stick and computer A320


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1) I am sure that this a very stupid question for you, but I know that LVDT and RVDT's send signals of the side-stick to the ELAC computer. In normal law, flight mode, trim is available with all the protections. So where does the ELAC send the signal? Is there a trim computer or something like that?*


Thanks to confirm these:


2) In alternate law, you don't have low speed protection, bank angle protection, pitch angle protection and hi speed protection


3) In alternate law you still have trim but positive trim stops at low speed and negative trim stops at high speed


4) In alternate law, the side-stick has a mech link with the ailerons.


5) In direct law, the side-stick has a mech link with ailerons and elevators.


6) During flare, you are in alternate law but bellow 100ft (with A/P) and 50ft (without A/P) you are in direct law (so mech link with ailerons and elevators)


7) A/P doesn't use "trim".


Thanks a lot! It's important for me because I have to present the FBW system in December to my class with a friend!*



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Wrong forum for RW questions. Again.


You can get this Information off the websites you already know or were directed to. Why not take a look there? There is a ton of stuff available about this. Do your research yourself, that is part of the challenge of a school project.


Just one thing: the sidestick does not have a mechanical link with the surfaces, never ever in any law. It is always FBW. The laws only change the way FBW works.

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