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How to place the default mouse bindings on my joystick?

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So I have three separate items for bindings-- keyboard, mouse, and joystick.


For external camera views, it's seems that the assignments for slow orbit rotate around the plane right, left, up, down-- can only be assigned to the mouse axis(s) X (left, right) & Y (up, down).


I want the slow controls (and not the quick snap views) on my joystick hat-switch, but I can't seem to find a way to "cross assign" the slow change views away from the mouse and into the joystick assignments.


** Does anyone know how to do this, or if it can be done? **


Snap views left and right are better suited for the in cockpit view, I think. But if I'm flying external view, it means I want to take a nice, long, slow, view of what's around me. Therefore, applying external camera snap view to the joystick hat switch, seems like a real mistake to me.


I don't want to have to take my right hand off the joystick, just to have to grab my mouse to look around slowly when I'm outside the airplane. Okay I realize most planes trim and the big jets use auto pilot, so hand on the mouse to change the camera views, shouldn't be a problem. However, I'm just saying that I can more easily place my thumb on the hat switch to move the cam around, without having to ever let go of the joystick... so why not make that an option?

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