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A32xneo and A330 for FS2004...Why the lack of it?


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I'm seeing a lack of releases of these new planes (A330neo for correction) and some others for use in a FS2004 environment.

(sidenote: It's same with FSX, too)


Why is it happening? Too similar? Lack of interest?


The similarity point could be challenged though as at least 1 type in the 32xneo family (A321XLR has different performance than a A321ceo.)

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Harry - You bring up a good question, but here is what is happening out there. Some developers are offering up NEO aircraft, only for the members to "pick up" on them NOT being NEO. Below are two comments from a download I recently downloaded!


superskullmaster - 11-24-2015, 08:08 PM

This is not a NEO aircraft. NEO stands for New Engine Option. The NEO engines are HUGE compared to the CEO engines. Please fix the title.


guessthezombie's Avatar

guessthezombie - 01-28-2020, 10:34 AM

That is CEO not NEO, look at the engines, CEO are smaller than the NEO.


So, we all would like to see more ACTUAL NEO aircraft. It's obvious from the above, the simmers, such as in the above, know the difference, so this really should not be happening! It would be better for the developers not to try to pass off a standard Airbus as a NEO, and only offer up their aircraft as they truly are!


I wish I had the answer for what you put out there, but I do not! There are a few NEO's out there, but, you better look closely at the aircraft.cfg to see the engine specs. That's one way to verify if what you are getting is the CEO or the NEO! Some say, look at the engines. Maybe you might see a noticeable difference, but with a single pic and no side by side comparison, you might not be able to tell? You should, if the developer makes the change in cowl sizing!


I just like to fly them, whether it be CEO or NEO, gives me the same enjoyment either way!


Rick :cool:

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I, too, am surprised project airbus didn;t do a simple update to their A320 family that just has the correct large engines. Maybe they aren't around anymore (i.e. project airbus). Would have been great though. The A320 is even finer looking with the larger engines
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