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Vectoring & Flight Following

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I was heavily into FSX years back and now plan to jump back in for 2020. I have been watching all the Youtube videos posted on Youtube regarding the use of FS 2020. My foggy memory of Instrument Flight plans submitted to ATC could be followed (?) in flight and ATC would 'vector' instructions in flight. I don't seem to see that in any of the Youtube vids re: plans nor ATC. Am I just missing something ? Most posters seem to be using the on board Flight computer which I never really mastered .
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You used the built-in ATC for flying a flight plan????????


Man you have a patience of steel.

I cant stand fsx atc endless repetition of


"Call-sign...radar contact, alt 29.92"

"Call-sign...proceed to xxx as filed"


They could have chosen some real aviation response to these most repeated phrases by atc, just changing the call-sign, alt setting to text-to-speech, but No!! they chose a phrasing that is never replicated in real life. Totally fake and unjustified


Also if you use FSX ATC you will be overwhelmed by contacts in cruise flight in a way it doesnt allow you to do other relevant tasks. Even if you had a co-pilot, atc is constantly at you because the messages are triggered each time you enter a new air section. In real life atc is not bothering with stupid repetitions of "alt 29.92" twenty times per minute!

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Thanks Kapitan. I hear ya about all the chatter from ATC. I do recall that. Did I see in the new 2020 that you can hand all that ATC replies etc. over to the "Co-Pilot. So, is the only way to handle the plan way points and vectoring to assigned runway ILS is by using the onboard pc board below the throttles. Seems I'd be busy plotting that all out. What do you do and is there instructions in the sim for it's use ?

Also, are out the specs for each planes flap speeds, stall mins. etc. somewhere within the Sim screens ?

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