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Six pack airplane background images


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For a hobby project, my boss is building a life size flight simulator cockpit of a Cessna 172.

He's making gauges and has motors with plastic needles, but he needs the backgrounds without the needles, and he needs them in print quality to make life size versions. The images he needs are for the below instruments:




Do you know where I could find printable backgrounds for an Airspeed Indicator, Attitude Indicator, Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator, Heading Indicator, and Turn Coordinator?

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I can't help, but just wanted you to know your post isn't invisible. There are others doing the same thing, so perhaps a web search could turn up something, or perhaps you could post in the cockpit builder's forum below...


Larry N.

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Got a digital camera? Find a C172, take a decent light source, and...shoot 'em up...Don

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Why not take them out of the sim gauges?


For your own use only, not to distribute.


One place to start is ...\FS version\Gauges\MiniPanel.cab


You can extract images from that cab file that might fit the bill.


A place to start, anyway.


Something like...




the Bean

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