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FSX "airplane size"


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Hello everyone !


I bought and have just finished assembling the Jetmax 737 with Overhead from Flight Deck Solutions. It's a brilliant product, I'm having a thrill !


The Jetmax runs with Sim-Avionics, which is a software that installs a 737-800 on FSX using the default aircraft and sounds, only adding it's own flight model (which is great). As you have a cockpit built, you don't need FSX to display a panel, so Sim-Avionics uses a virtual cockpit with no panel whatsoever. I'm using a 70" LED TV in front of my setup, which has been working great.


However, there is one issue. Since the cockpit is on a scale of 1:1 when comparing with a real 737 cockpit, the scenery is too small for the cockpit, even with the 70'' TV. When landing on JFK, for example, it feels like landing on a carrier, because the sceneries are not proportionate to the size of the cockpit. So I thought of one solution: "reduce" the size of the airplane in relation to the scenery. For example: choose an airport and load the PMDG's 737NGX. Then, at the same airport, load a Cessna 152. The runaway gets bigger, wider, as does everything else on the scenery, and your eye view is much closer to the ground.


So my question is: where (on aircraft.cfg or panel.cfg) can I edit the view to achieve this ? My point is: I'd like to edit my view so that my 737 feels like a Cessna 152 or even a smaller airplane on a big runaway.


Could anyone shed some light on this ?


Thanks !



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I don't have a Jetmax 737 cockpit, but I do know know how to edit views.


The runway on a smaller airplane looks bigger because the eyepoint is closer to the ground. Do a search for "eyepoint" in the aircraft.cfg file if you want to change the position of the eyepoint.


Zoom also effects how big the runway look. Use the _-/+= keys to change zoom. The default zoom in the VC for all aircraft is 0.7. Default zoom can be changed in camera.cfg (not the one in FSX root folder, but the one in the same folder as fsx.cfg). The value that needs to be changed is "InitialZoom" in the relavant CameraDefinition section. If you start a default flight or load a saved flight, the zoom will be the same zoom when the flight was saved. Press Backspace key to return to default zoom.


Instead of virtual cockpit, you can also use the 2D cockpit. In 2D cockpit view, press "W" 2 times and you'll get a view with no panels. 2D cockpit view can be changed in panel.cfg. Under the [VIEWS] section, you can change VIEW_FORWARD_DIR values to set pitch, bank, and heading.


Backup config files before making any changes. Changes to aircraft.cfg and panel.cfg will only be seen after the aircraft is reloaded.


Physically, you could also try moving the monitor closer to where you sit. gl/hf with the new cockpit.

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