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Portable Table for Theater?


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I'm lucky enough to have a home theater with a 150" screen and I've been thinking it's time to move my flight sim activities (soon to be renewed with the new FS2020) onto that screen. My office, where I game now, literally sits off to one side of the screen so it'd be pretty easy to run a long USB cable extension cable into the theater to a setup there, but it has to be portable as I use the theater for work and we use it for obvious TV/movie entertainment.


I'm wondering what sort of setup I could get that would hold a Honeycomb yoke, and a throttle quadrant (now my CH, but soon the Honeycomb Bravo I hope) and my rudder pedals. I can use a bluetooth headset for talking on VATSIM. I'm just not sure what the right way to go is for those pieces.


Contrary to the image this paints, we're on a budget like everything else as the theater was a huge splurge and work partially paid for it so I can't go buying hugely expensive pieces here. Would something like these "Vevor G29 Racing Steering Wheel Stand" solutions work for this? They're just $100, but I wonder if they're too flimsy. Plus is the base "table" even deep enough for the yoke?

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