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In Flight Emergency

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Global Freightways hired me to do a quick repositioning flight from Newark to Kennedy.




I set the autopilot to hold 3000 feet, put the flaps out a few degrees, and pushed the throttle all the way forward. The plane accelerated down the runway until it reached the speed where I pulled back and it lifted smoothly into the air.


I pulled back on the throttle levers, but number four was jammed at full. I pulled as hard as I could, but nothing changed. With a sigh, I cut the fuel. Nothing changed. Uh oh.




I turned the yoke to the right, but with the asymmetrical thrust, it hardly turned, and I had to put a good amount of rudder to get it to turn.




I got it pointing in the right direction before calling the tower. They didn't understand the situation at first, but finally cleared all runways for me to land.






I really had to manage the spoilers and remaining engines to keep the aircraft at a reasonable speed. I landed with the parking brake already set and set the thrust reversers right away. I was worried it might not be enough, but the plane was dragged to a halt.







Now what am I going to do about that engine?

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If the engine won’t shut down, throw a wrench into it ;)

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