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Xbox game pass for PC?

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Xbox Game Pass for PC is analogous to Netflix. It gives you access to a library of games that you can download and play whenever you want. To maintain your access to the library you need to keep paying the monthly subscription fee. The other option is that you can buy a standalone licence for a one-time cost and have the game permanently.


For MSFS one difference, at least at the moment, is that Game Pass only includes the Standard edition, while on the other side you can buy any of the three editions available. The Game Pass option may provide a way to upgrade from within the sim, but they haven't said anything about this so far.

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Me too in the beginning didnt know what that Pass meant

I was reluctant to buy cause i thought i needed the Xbox console or an xbox monthly fee.


Microsoft should be more clear about it. Tons of people want anything to do with Xbox. My kids have xbox, its just a console game, useless and joystick dependant.


Simmers deal with PCs and have many PC interactive during a simulation process, like consulting websites, forums, windows programs that help this or that feature etc.


Make it two different ticking boxes, one for PC another for xbox. That would be the decent thing to do.

We dont need all that xbox subliminar inducing propaganda


Anything I say is...not as serious as you think

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I agree that it is definitely confusing with Xbox being involved. I pulled the trigger and purchased the Premium pkg and was left confused as to what exactly I purchased. Like Kapitan says, they need two different ticking boxes and better clarification on what's console and what's PC. I'm not the least bit interested in the Xbox.

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They have been clear that the version being released in a few weeks is the PC edition, with the Xbox coming later. Their FAQ covers this and many other questions people have been asking.




While some may not be interested in the Xbox console, Microsoft is bringing all of their gaming products together under one umbrella. As part of this, most, if not all, of their first party titles are part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, which means you can play the same game or sim on both platforms without having to buy it again. This includes MSFS. So anyone buying the sim today, will also be able to download and run the sim from an Xbox when the console version is released. It also means there won't be any platform options when purchasing the sim.

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Aaahhh! that sucks! I was expecting to be able to play it on my XBox One (albeit at reduced quality), whilst my new PC is being built up. But now re-reading here and there it looks like like I am going to be waiting a little longer.
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